Rewriting Rapunzel

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Rewriting Rapunzel

I’ve been writing this story for some time now. Writing it is like having a roller coaster adventure. I know that the story is not comparable to the works of Shakespeare or Sophocles. It is not perfect but I think it is worth reading.

###The MakeOver: Rapunzel Heroine

The lead character of my story is a Rapunzel-like girl. Instead of being jailed inside a tower by an evil witch while waiting to be saved by a prince, she was trained by her beloved parents to wonder around and discover the world on her own. The evil witch is her alter ego. The prince will never find her waiting but fighting bravely to slay a dragon attacking her home instead.

She was born in the land of the Brains of the Revolution and grew up in the home of the National hero of the Philippines. The simple abode where she stays with her family is a wonderful kingdom for a little princess that protected her from the harsh world of reality but introduced her to different responsibilities and obligations. Those responsibilities to her family, as well as the desire to become a complete individual person, drive her to strive harder to be able to reach beyond expectations.

###The World Outside: Adventure Begins

Her adventures started when she was four years of age. She was introduced to a world that feeds her young mind knowledge and wisdom. This world is larger and has more people than her home. It has many doors and windows, portals to other worlds which all lead to what they call The Real World. Her father made her understood the importance of her stay there. With a little push from her mother, she entered it without hesitation. It was like she knew this place a long time ago. She sensed adventure ahead of her.

It took her quite some time to fully understand how things work in this place. She understood that not all the time, things will go according to her desires. She should work hard for the things she wants. But she discovered that by studying well, she could somehow be invincible in some way or another.

###Transformation: Gaming World

Studying became an enjoyable and challenging game for her then. Even though she feels nervous in competitions, she manages to take home the trophy and make new friends as well. Her favorite game involves the play with numbers and colors. This game gave her the opportunity to visit Cebu for a week-long training seminar when she was eleven. It also gave her the opportunity to have extra money in order to buy her dream gadgets whenever she won.

Whenever she feels tired of playing or wants to refresh her mind, she turns in to music, arts, and literature. Her mother forced her to study playing the piano at the age of four or five. She tried studying the guitar, flute, and drums during her teenage years but only learned the basics of those instruments. She loves bright and pastel colors and doodles whatever she likes whenever she feels like it. She wrote a couple of poems, short stories, and editorial and feature articles for the school paper.

She had three piano recitals. Some of her writings won her awards. The story The Adventures of Gabby Ghas, started as a school group project which is originally illustrated by her, won in The Asia Rice Foundation contest and was published last 2009. Now it is being enjoyed by many reader nationwide. Then, she joined a group of graphic literature creators, writers, and enthusiasts a few months ago.

It was serendipity that she discovered her love for sports. She used to play a little volleyball, badminton, and soccer during her elementary days but never had a chance to play in high school. She did not care about sports. But in 2008, with the encouragement from her coach and assistant coach, she joined the track and field team and a running club to prove to herself that she is not a weakling. Since then, running became a part of her life.

###Trusted Allies and Evil Nemeses

She does not like the feeling of losing. Thus, she fears falling from her throne. In her gaming world, she is the heroine who seeks freedom from obligations and unwanted expectations. To clear a stage, she must study to achieve good grades. Stage bonuses are won competitions. But enemies are trying to stop the heroine.

Her alter ego, the witch, who is lazy, selfish, and arrogant, is her number one nemesis. The evil witch has her own servants which come in different forms. Other nemeses include the blooodsucking vampires, gossiping bitches, gold-stealing pirates, masked riders, pressure cookers, and stupid cupids.

Totally eradicating the witch seems impossible and facing all those nemeses alone is troublesome. Fortunately, the heroine has trusted allies that support her. She has Charlie and her co-Angels by her side at all times. She met them during the early stages of the game. The Three Musketeers, who saved her from falling into the hands of a corrupted count, are also her allies. Last but not the least, whenever she feels lonely and broken, her fairy friends and the lost boys of Neverland would lend her some powers.

The young, innocent kid is now one of the Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth of her time. Her heart was torn and scars are seen everywhere. Every trial, she had won with her allies. It was a long journey and only a stage left is unclear. The game is about to end.

The Final Stage: End is Approaching

Now, I am writing the last part of her adventure in the world she entered years ago. My heroine, the Rapunzel girl, is alone facing once again the evil witch while trying to convince the gatekeepers of freedom to let her pass. But the gatekeepers are shrewd beings. It is hard for her to think of a plan while the witch is attacking. Her allies are busy facing the witch’s servants. What must she do now? In her eyes, she sees herself as a young child who cries for her dad and mom, who plays and jokes around with her siblings, who enjoys the chit-chat moments with her friends. She is just a normal girl, not a heroine.

A few months from now, we will see how everything will end. I am preparing a dramatic happy ending, not a tragic one. I am still not certain what the scenarios will be though. The only thing that I am sure about is that Rapunzel’s game will end. Game Over will not be seen but whether to continue or not the game. She will leave the question unanswered; opening next door to enter The Real World equipped with the knowledge and values she got from her experiences in the gaming world.

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