Greetings Earthlings!

Curious about this site, eh? This is just another random blog site of just another nerd.

Hi! I’m Erika Thea. Call me Erika. Call me Thea. Your choice. I will not say my age but since I am Asian I look younger than my actual age.

I started to write blog entries in Multiply about my daily life in college and ran a small online tees shop. ~~ BORING STUFF ~~ But when I graduated, I realized that I should be organized and have a tiny space in the web. I was sniffing around Wordpress for some time but I don’t find PHP interesting enough so I just keep a Tumblr account which is something that I could not brag about. “I have a Tumblr account. MEH.”

Being in the IT/Software industry added pressure and at the same time inspired me that I could create my own - whatever I need - blog, shopping cart, planner, etc.

Why just now? I am lazy and have a short attention span. I had a hard time balancing my life and work. After 4 years, I decided to take a break and just now I can concentrate on making one of my “Happy Projects”.

How I Made This Site

I googled it!

My main objective in creating this space is for me to upgrade my skillset. So, I decided to use Jekyll because this is just a static site. I use Twitter Bootstrap for the front-end to make the site responsive. I stumbled upon Skrollr and used it to achieve some simple effects or animations.

All background images are from Unsplash while the SVGs and icons are from Freepik

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Tutorials over the web that I read:

Let me give you a virtual cookie! :cookie: