Software Engineer a.k.a. Dev

Status: Employed

Language: Java (2.5yr) Ruby (4.5yr)

Education: BS Computer Science

Goal: Software Architect


The Adventures of Gabby Ghas

Children's book teaching the value of rice and rice farming. I was the illustrator and editor of the group. Our work was chosen to be our school's official entry to Asia Rice Foundation's national story-writing competition and we won in the English category. Order in Asia Rice Foundation or Amazon Store

The Gallery Komiks Series

Romance comic series. An entry for The Graphic Literature Guild's yearly publication - Freehand. Discusses how two not-yet-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman art-graduate roommates face the challenges of their crazy-creative-but-almost-penniless-clueless-of-love life. Collaboration with awesome guildmates!

Rewriting Rapunzel

Autobiography written for a class in college. The hard copy is still intact! You can read it here: Rewriting Rapuzel
I also have some poems that I wrote way back in highschool. I'll post them here soon.


Sleeping Position: Fetal

Hibernation Period: 6-7 hours daily

Starbuck's Coffee: White Chocolate

Staple Food: Bread Pasta Chicken breast

Wish for the Philippines: No EDSA traffic Honest government PEACE!!!

Wish for the World: WORLD PEACE!!!

Ultimate Dream: Europe Trip

Bounce Back Up!